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Working together we can save the remaining natural places on Earth.  Here you can find talented artists and artisans supporting environmental organizations.  Purchasing handcrafted items from them supports the arts AND the planet.

Artists pledge a portion of their sales to the environmental nonprofit of their choosing.  The donation pledge is based on sales from all sources, whether to a ForMotherNature visitor or to another customer.  Some artists donate from all their artwork while others donate from a particular series.  In this way, artwork becomes imbued with purpose, part of the urgent effort to save wildlife and wild places.


You can be part of this.  Take a look at the shops of participating artists, learn about the environmental work they support, and find out why artists are proud to participate.  Are you an artist?  Join us.  You decide how much to pledge from your art.  You decide what in nature to save.  You decide to be the change you want to see in the world.  Take a look and contact Cathy, founder of ForMotherNature.com.



  • Floris Van Breugel - Patagonia
  • Floris Van Breugel - wolf in Lamar Valley
  • Floris Van Breugel - red fox
  • Floris Van Breugel - giant sequoia and dogwood
  • Floris Van Breugel - waterfall
  • Floris Van Breugel - pronghorn antelope
  • Floris Van Breugel - humpback whale tail
  • Floris Van Breugel - tropical fish and coral
  • Christine Darton-Henrichsen -Buzzy Bee
  • Christine Darton-Henrichsen -Singular Beauty
  • Judith Gale - flower
  • Floris Van Breugel - jellyfish
  • Floris Van Breugel - hummingbird
  • Floris Van Breugel - coral
  • Floris Van Breugel - meadowlark
  • Floris Van Breugel - Northern Cascades
  • Cesere Brothers - the whole clan
  • Floris Van Breugel - hummingbird
  • Floris Van Breugel - lupine
  • Floris Van Breugel - wenatchee balsamroot flower
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This is worth saving.

 Many thanks to the photographers who share their inspiring images of nature here:

Christine Darton-Henrichsen, Judith Gale, brothers John and Dan Cesere, Krystle Wright, and especially Floris van Breugel.  

Hover your mouse over an image to see who the photographer is, and click on an image to see what the photographer has to say.



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."   

-Margaret Mead